How Do Sealants Protect Your Teeth?

August 16, 2021 by admin0

Sealants can protect teeth from cavities, which often develop on chewing surfaces of the back teeth (molars). This is because the chewing surfaces of these teeth are not smooth. They have deep pits and grooves where food and cavity-causing plaque can get trapped. These pits and grooves are very narrow, and a toothbrush may not always clean everything out .


Sealants can be applied to the surfaces of molars, both permanent and primary, as well as the backs of the front teeth. These sealants harden into a protective coating that blocks bacteria and food from getting into the pits and grooves. Most of the research on how well sealants work involves children. Researchers have found that sealants reduce the risk of developing cavities in about 8 of 10 children.

Although there’s been little research on sealants in adults, a panel of dental experts think sealants can offer protection for adults, too.


Sealants can offer protection for years, but they also may become worn. It is important to see your dentist regularly so he or she can check your sealants. Regular dental visits are also important so that your dentist can examine your overall oral health. You should also get a professional cleaning regularly to help keep plaque from building up and hardening on your teeth.

You also need to take care of your oral health at home. Here are some tips for keeping your mouth healthy:

  • brush twice a day with toothpaste that has fluoride
  • clean between your teeth once a day, using dental floss or another interdental cleaner, like a water flosser or little brushes
  • limit sugary snacks and drinks.


Some teeth have deep pits and grooves on the chewing surfaces. These pits and grooves can trap food and plaque, increasing the risk of developing cavities. Sealants cover these surfaces, helping block the pits and grooves from the food and plaque. This helps reduce the risk of developing cavities in these teeth.

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