Dental Care During The COVID-19 Pandemic

August 17, 2021 by admin0

Whether you have an emergency toothache or just need a dental cleaning, dentists throughout the country are ready to treat you. The American Dental Association has developed steps every dentist can take to help create a safe office environment during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Your appointment may be different from what you are used to. The differences may start before you even come into the office. Before your appointment, someone may call to ask questions about several symptoms related to COVID-19 to help ensure that you are not sick. The caller may also explain steps you should take when you arrive for your appointment. For example, you may be asked to wait outside the office until someone calls your mobile phone to tell you to come in, or you may be asked to bring a mask to wear when entering the office. Once you arrive at the office, someone may take your temperature, ask again about how you are feeling, and complete additional paperwork.


Dentists take several precautions to keep the clinic clean and help make treatment safe. Some equipment in the treatment room is disposable. For example, plastic covers on some handles and the plastic tube that used to remove saliva from your mouth must be thrown away after each patient. Equipment that is not discarded must be cleaned and disinfected between patients.

During treatment, dentists and the dental staff members wear personal protective equipment. This equipment can include items such as disposable gloves, specially fitted masks, protective eyewear, and sometimes a face shield.


Steps to keep treatment safe do not stop in the operatory. As mentioned, the treatment area must be cleaned and disinfected after each patient. In addition, instruments must always be prepared for the next patient. Some instruments are used only once and then disposed of. Instruments that are not disposable are cleaned and sterilized in an area dedicated to that purpose.


Regular visits to your dentist are important to help prevent and treat if needed dental diseases that can cause more serious problems if left undetected. Do not let COVID19 keep you away. Dentists are experts in infection control and are taking steps to keep their patients safe. Ask if you have any questions. Your dentist and dental team members are happy to help.

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